Nelson Mandela Foundation

Michael Plitt Courtesy: Zelda la Grange

We have been saddened to hear of the loss of yet another person who played an important role in Nelson Mandela’s life – Dr Michael Plit, who was Madiba’s personal physician for well over two decades. We send heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Madiba was treated by many medical practitioners during his life, especially in those last ten years. But it was Dr Plit who Madiba called on most. As his personal assistant Zelda la Grange recalled: “Madiba literally trusted Dr Plit with his life.” Dr Plit became more of a friend than a hired professional, more of a trusted counsellor than a physician. He was always there for Madiba, through thick and thin.

We honour Dr Plit and will not forget him. May he rest in peace.